Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Online Gaming High Risk Merchant Account

In the digital age, Ecommerce plays pivotal role in making people’s lives easier. It is a huge thing than once thought to be. Ecommerce is a huge platform that is expanding its reach to every single individual. Buying out anything conveniently and with lower prices is the thing that attracts more traffic to Ecommerce websites. In the current scenario, people are too occupied to meet their friends in person; sometimes they are even busy to see their families for days and weeks. Online gaming and gambling makes a perfect way of entertaining people who are not able to or are not interested in playing the games in old fashioned way. Online gaming is the new rage among youngsters. They are too engaging and fascinating to be avoided. When you look at it from the business owner’s perspective there is a lot of potential in this business. Are you set to start online gaming business? Then learn what all you need to be prepared with first.


With the rise of Ecommerce, the security concerns at the end of customers are ascending. While the spending decisions like purchasing games and game logo T-shirts are quick in the online gaming industry, you need to give your customers an uninterrupted experience. Online shoppers are more than concerned about threats to their identity while they are supposed to furnish the credit card details for purchasing digital games, steam keys and game merchandise. Game development studios are never running their business conveniently without online gaming high risk merchant account. With reliable payment processing services the online players will be having security as the last thing in their mind.


Online entertainment industry is highly vulnerable to cyber security threats. Hence if you settle with just a payment processor it may not suffice, you need innovative solutions from game service providers to change the game. The online gaming merchants can conduct their business rather conveniently if they would get the best assistance for fraud protection, fast and secure payment processing and above all the experience to cope up with the risk and regulations allied with processing gaming traffic.

Smart payment processing serviceswill up the ante in your gaming business.

Call +1-800-982-1372 for more information about setting up a payment gateway for your online gaming business or fill out the enquiry form and our customer service representative will contact you within 24-48 hours.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Dentist credit card processing

At your dental clinic you may try your best for giving the least of pain possible to your lovely clients.Sometimes you succeed, other times you don’t. While it is not possible to get rid of the inconvenience involved in the dental treatment that of course help people get rid of serious consequences, it is very likely to be expected that your dental practice accepts plastic money. According to a research, 80 percent of customers prefer to use plastic for making payments when it comes to face to face transactions. Choosing to not accept card payments is nothing but closing the doors of building or growing your dental services in other words.

Knowing the fact that you may not compromise with dentist credit card processing services any longer but you should also be practicing caution so as to save yourself from big losses in name of small terms and conditions of the merchant service provider. There are ways that savvy dental professionals can use to lower credit card processing rate and keep more of the share of their money they make by rendering their expert services.

Starting and setting dental services business is tough but to squeeze the additional profits from it gets even tougher. You can follow few steps to make things easier and profitable for you such as:

1. Make fair comparisons between prices. It is necessary that you make the comparisons between the prices of the services offered by one service provider to other. What is more important here is that, you make apples to apples price comparison. Requesting quotes from 5 different processors is the first tip to lowering the credit card processing fees. Unfortunately most of the small business owners are unaware about the fact that credit card processing service rates are highly negotiable. 

2. Facilitate more card present payments. Dental services can hold control over how they accept credit card payments. To the maximum extent, therefore you should, practice face to face debit and credit card payments. The difference of as much as 2.5% between card present payment and card not present payment will mean thousands of dollars in a period of one year. Come on you are running a business and you cannot let go big profits like this. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The non-profit organizations differ completely from the other retailers and businesses in their origin and operations. They neither deal with manufacturing and selling of products nor are they into services. They work for the community and for the social causes. For bringing changes in the society, they need funds and donations to carry out the programs at different levels. For executing these ideas and programs for upliftment and betterment of the needy people, the nonprofit organizations need customized payment systems that can work well for collecting donations. While you are dealing with customers you have different methods of pleasing them with attractive product line and marketing strategies but when it is about requesting contribution for the community, your organization needs the best non-profit credit card processing fordonations. Look for efficient, seamless integration and expertise from the payment processor.


Donors contribute to a great cause but donations come easy when the payment processing solutions meet your priorities such as:

·        POS retail solutions. Non-profit organizations benefit fromthe POS retail terminals. With an EMV enabled and easy terminal, your organization accepts payments from donors face-to-face. Reliable terminal is one of the most affordable and simple payments solutions for non-profits.

·        Virtual solutions. With virtual terminals, the non-profits accept debit, credit card and e-check contributions over internet. Your website will be displaying easy and fast options to contribute for the social cause. The internet based solution to contribute is quite convenient, secure and time saving non-profit payment solution.

·        Mobile solutions. Donors are part of the society you live in. Why you should let go any opportunity to get the precious contribution from donors you meet in events or conferences.A smart device and ability to accept donations with mobile card easier make perfect example of modern nonprofit processing solution.

Check out for the length of service of the payment processor company you want to sign up with. The experience combined with expertise make it a perfect investment much needed for society.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Credit card processing for restaurants
If you think great food and aromas will bring your big business then think again.As there are ingredients to your restaurant’s hot recipe, there are elements that your business should have for seeing growth and expansion. If you ask the experts the importance of credit card processing for restaurants they may ask you the importance of salt in food. For every restaurant business it is important that they know the importance of great customer service. When it comes to service industry, you have a huge potential to earn repeat business. For making money from the existing customers you need to make them very comfortable with you so that every time they feel like eating at their homes only. The modern customers expect to have top payment solutions wherever they go, no matter it is for purchasing or eating, they cannot wait in lines to pay.

To develop a strong customer base you will need to employ efficient payment services so that the diners come back to you. The merchant account services should be easy-to-use and less complicated equipment so that your staff dedicatedly serves your customers. As a restaurant you also need to ensure that the payment processing solutions you offer to your valued customers are fast yet secured.


There are many restaurateurs those complain that they were offered and sold three tier pricing but in actual they have been suckered into one flat rate. Make sure you as a business owner don’t succumb to this kind of despair. When you see words like Qual, Mid-qual, Non-qual, Surcharge, Discount rate, One flat rate or three tier pricing, don’t wait anymore to say to the company. What you should look for as a restaurant business is interchange rate plus little or no mark up at all.

The services you take up should be PCI compliant as this is a mandate for avoiding potential thefts. 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Travelling never goes out of fashion. People adore travelling to known and unknown places not only to explore the destinations but to discover themselves as well. The immense pressure and deadlines make people take breaks from their normal and routine life and travel to far flung areas across the world. This fascinates a newbie in travel industry but making money is never easy on this planet. Is there a formula of increasing your ROI? Well this post will tell you the most important thing to do as soon as you enter the travel business.

For any travel merchant it is important to understand the psyche of the customers. Mostly people travel to the corners of the world to relax and rejuvenate in the vacations. It is not rocket science to understand that they need calmness and peace of mind. But can you offer that without travel agency credit card processing services? There is a huge doubt about it. In true sense the worth of paying some extra dollars in signing up the best payment processor will give you rewarding returns. A travel merchant can make money with the proficient processing services even while he is sleeping.

Today’s customers count on money and time equally. Both are used synonymously in the business world, waste of time is significantly equal to wastage of money. In order to achieve skyrocketing profits from your travel business you should have the best credit card acceptance modules that are accessible from office, home and road like anywhere. These services should enable you to accept the payment from global customers and this is impossible if you don’t accept the payment in multi-currencies. The travel industry is large and the competition is fierce, if you are a new entrant or you want to revive your years old travel business, you should look out for the perfect payment processor that not only provides the secure payment gateway but also fosters the online payments from your valuable customers.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

If you own a small organization, you must be accepting payments via checks or cash. Though this seems easy and working for you at the moment, the rapid growth of credit card processing will surely affect it later. This is because every business is turning towards online payment processing services and accepting cash or check is reaching the edge of extinction. Well, there’s nothing to feel worried about, as online payments offer a number of advantages to the business as well as its customers.

Nowadays, consumers feel more comfortable paying online. Therefore, websites that still don’t allow customers to use credit or debit cards are going out of step.

Speed up the process

There is no denying the fact that online payment processing is faster and better than manual payment. This is because there is no need to wait for the check to arrive or keeping any eye on it to see whether it’s clear. Right from submitting the payment to updating the bank account takes just a few seconds and the results are simply outstanding. Immediate confirmation of transaction and improved cash flow takes the business to new levels of profits.

One of the major benefits is that merchant (business person) is well aware whether the customer making the online payment has enough money for the transaction. This feature is very helpful, as it saves from the trauma of finding bounce checks later.

Save the trouble

With online processing of payment, customers are miles away from the trouble of depositing the check or counting the cash. Once the platform to accept payments over the web is set, they get processed automatically. No need to store credit card details and involve is useless things.

The price game

Anything that has value and serves us with profits comes with a particular charge. As obvious, online processing is no exception. Hence, the payment provider charges fee on every transaction. Moreover, there are some other charges as well, which include monthly fees or setup fees.

With all these important aspects stated clearly, you must be well aware about the numerous benefits that follow accepting payments online. Give your business a new direction by switching from traditional ways to the modern, easier and improved platform.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

In this highly innovative world where everything changes in fraction of seconds, being unfamiliar with merchant service accounts is something that doesn’t makes any sense. Every top rated business these days takes the help of merchant services to manage the cash flow and carry out the transactions in a simpler way. The question here is that why businesses are in favor of these customized services? What makes these special accounts a massive hit among the merchants? What is the whole process going in the backend? Let’s try finding answers to these important questions and have a clear picture about everything.

Merchant services are the platform to accept credit and debit card payments instantly. Besides, they also enable business to carry put electronic transaction in a much better and simpler way. As customers prefer making card payments, it is important for every business to allow their customers shop via plastic instead of cash. Other favorable aspect is that there is no need to manage the cash manually, as it all gets done automatically and accurately.

The idea behind designing these services is giving customers a reliable and easy way of making payments. Talking about the merchants, these services allow them to attract more and more customers, which gradually increase the sales and help them hit the needed target. With all these pros, it won’t be wrong to say that these customized accounts are the key towards a successful business with audience visibility globally.

Strengthening the relationship between the consumers and business, merchant account providers USA offer a variety of merchant accounts. These accounts differ for each business and enable merchants to pick up the services that suit their business. Key point to remember while starting with merchant services is ensuring you have a good credit history. This is a very important element checked by the service providers, as it confirms a particular business has sufficient funds and is far away from risks.

If you are confused about your personal account, think carefully and conclude a final decision. You can also go for a discussion with the professionals.

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